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Friday, June 30, 2006

Stiletto Dreams

It takes a certain kind of woman, and a certain way of moving, but it really is possible to walk confidently on cobblestones while wearing 5-inch stilettos. I've seen it.

I wonder if they practice when the streets are dark and no one is awake?

I imagine furtive, colorfully clad shapes stumbling through the city in the dead of night, their heels catching between the stones, their toes catching unseen unevenness. I imagine them nodding to each other and offering advice in voices as sharp as their shoes.

Eventually they move from darkness into day, and they walk past the rest of us as though it is nothing, as though anyone could do it.

I wonder if they dream of the nights of stilettos?


Anonymous Bill said...

First time I had the opportunity to read your articulations. I only got through half before I needed to take a shower. Now I think you know why I love Europe. Your descriptions and metaphors create a picture that is burned into my mind. I wish we were there but with your descriptions, it is like being there. Enjoy...and my regards.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Bill, it would be fun if you were here... Glad you're enjoying the memories! tlc

11:21 AM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

this entry made me chuckle as i remember how, if i ever were a girl, i would take advantage of the great shoes females have [regardless of the pain they cause]. i still notice in videos sometimes where fashionable young ladies wabble along the streets of a busy city, praying to the gods above that their heals don't give out. practice makes perfect i suppose.

11:09 AM  

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